Expert Gaming was founded in 2006 with the main target to have the best counter-strike team in Norway. With the help by Expert as head sponsor the org reached its goal and was one of the best teams over the course of that year. After the cooporation beetwen Expert and Expert Gaming closed, the org shut their eyes for a while, but had some on and off activity with small teams until the end of 2009.

2010 – Expert Gaming raises agian! With a new team of managers toghether with some of the older managers from the previous era. They recruited the norwegian Counter-Strike team LatterligLett, but after some “up’s and downs” the team was disbanded

2011 – Expert Gaming was at this time inactive.

2012 – Expert Gaming changed the focus to StarCraft II and the new game in the counter strike line, Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

2013 – Expert Gaming became under ownership of EESK (Expert Electronic Sportsclub) and changed the focus from simply being a gaming organization, to being a multi gaming organization and a norwegian ideal based sportsclub.

2014 – Expert Gaming recruited the CS:GO team AGENT that qualified for ESWC 2013.